Here at Isn't It Lovely, we're taking a stand against environmental damage.

Yes, our homeware products are beautiful and functional, designed to enhance your space and your daily lifestyle. But we believe that making your home prettier and everyday tasks easier shouldn't cost the earth.


So we've curated collections of sustainable, recyclable, eco-friendly products for the home to enable you to accessorize your rooms without harming the planet.

Our sustainable home decor products are on-trend in terms of both style and ethos. They're high-quality and affordable too, so you've no excuse for not waving *buh-bye* to plastic.


Plastic waste is an environmental apocalypse waiting to happen. So we're rebelling against this maligned material with our natural alternatives.

We're drawn to bamboo, rattan, corn sheaf, slate, and recycled glass; materials that came from the earth and will safely rejoin it at the end of the product's lifespan. These materials have unmatched durability, so if you move house or remodel, your eco-friendly home decor products can have a second life elsewhere.


The earth doesn't have the luxury of a second life. So we're striving to make a difference, one sustainable home product at a time.

We're proud to be at the helm of a movement that focuses on healthy, mindful, eco-conscious living. This movement is growing as more and more people look to replace the chemical with the natural.


What's more, we know that time is precious in all circumstances.

It's not just the earth with one eye on the clock! You don't want to wait around for your lovely home accessories to arrive - you want them ASAP! So we ship fast - in most cases, your order will be at your door in just 3-4 days.


For green products that benefit you, your home, and the planet... go shop our collections!